Company Profile

After Hours Computer Repair (AHCR) started in Duluth, MN in the summer of 2007. Since its creation, J.P. Damico, Owner of AHCR has expanded the business from local, to regional, and now national. In March of 2011, Damico opened the 100th location.

“At After Hours, We Are Up When Your Computer Is Down. We are in the middle of a national rollout and are on track to having 300 markets and over 400 technicians by the end of 2011.”

The company started with one technician and one dispatcher to handle incoming calls for the Duluth/Superior area. In the spring of 2009, Damico expanded AHCR to 9 locations across MN and WI. In the Fall of 2010, Damico took what he learned from the regional expansion and started the national expansion.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs rolling our services out all over the country. When a company is expanding as rapidly as we are, there is bound to be growing pains. We evaluate and streamline our processes and work flow on a daily basis.” Damico said.

Damico says that he is planning on keeping the headquarters for AHCR in Duluth. “There is no reason to move it anywhere else and I wouldn’t want to. With the advances in mobile technology and the internet, HQ can be anywhere I want it to be.” Damico said.

AHCR is a 24 hour on-site technology service. Technicians are now all over the country (30 states) servicing small businesses and residential clients. AHCR does not have office locations for the different markets. Instead, all of the technicians are mobile and always go to the client.

Damico said, “We are unique because our technicians have flexible schedules and our overhead is extremely low. This means we can be less expensive than our competitors and service our clients on their time frame.”

AHCR’s expansion will encompass the entire US when it is finished. “The goal is to have a tech within 20 to 30 miles of everyone in the country.” Damico said.

When asked why Damico named it After Hours Computer Repair, he replied “Because at After Hours, we’re up when your computer is down!” A fitting slogan for an industry that never sleeps.